Introducing… We Play Switch

We know you’ve been in agony, anticipating what’s next for the Nintendo Switch Facebook Group. Tonight, you have your answer.

Our group has teamed up with a brand-new media group, and together we are bringing you a brand-new show. A show you can truly call your own. A show where you can participate. A show where you can actually steer the course.

We Play Switch. A podcast. Available on iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, PocketCasts and more starting this Sunday.

But our first episode is special. You are cordially invited to meet the hosts this Sunday at 7pm CST, 8pm EST on Google Hangouts!

This is our chance to meet you! This is your chance to meet us! So, put on your best bow tie and crack open a bottle of Champagne, because on Friday, this group changes forever.

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Twitter @weplayswitch

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Jeremy Harvey

Jeremy has been a freelance video games journalist since 2011, and with 25 years of gaming experience, he has a lot to say.

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