Ep.28 – R.I.P. Mad Catz

The break music is from the new album Hero of Time by Eric Buchholz which can be purchased right here.

Dean Howell joins us yet again to tell us about his impulse purchase of a Nintendo Switch along with too many games, we then chat about playing Snake Pass and Fast RMX on the Switch and Tyler seems to still be really in to the weird indie card game called Kingdom Hearts which he does his best to try and explain to all of us (It’s like some weird crossover of Dreamworks and Dragon Quest, I think.) For our news segment, we all talk about the recent frame rate patch for Breath of the Wild that came out this week, mention that Destiny 2 has been officially announced and that it has a teaser trailer to go along with it, we express our complete lack of surprise that the next Call of Duty may be going back to World War II, and mourn the loss of the legendary third-party game accessory manufacturer, Mad Catz (Except for Bryan, who basically just spits on their grave.) And since we had Dean on the show, Jeremy thought it would be a good idea to let him talk about Sonic Forces (Previously known as Project Sonic 2017)

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Jeremy Harvey

Jeremy has been a freelance video games journalist since 2011, and with 25 years of gaming experience, he has a lot to say.

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